Glycyrrhizin for Europe


Glabridin, also known as Glycyrrhiza flavonoids, belongs to isoflavanoid flavonoids. It comes from the dried rhizomes of Glycyrrhiza glabra, a leguminous plant, and is the main flavonoid component (11%). Green Sky produces four different specifications of Glycyrrhizin, 98% white powder, 40% white powder, 40% brown powder and 10% water-soluble white powder, which can meet the different needs of customers. Experimental studies show that Glycyrrhizin can inhibit tyrosinase activity, but also has other skin care effects, is a non-side effects, non-irritating cosmetic active ingredients. Only 100g Glycyrrhizin can be extracted from 1000kg Glycyrrhiza glabra plants. Because of its complex extraction process, high cost and high price, it is known as "whitening gold" in the world cosmetics industry. Glycyrrhizin is widely used in skin care and cosmetics.





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